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Semantic Search

Retrieve the most relevant search results based on your user's intent and contextual meaning.
Tailor your search experience by prioritizing specific keywords, with customization options for both keyword and semantic queries to meet your merchandising needs.

Similarity Search

Empower your users to discover the most similar search results to any specified product with precision. Vantage APIs ensure every recommendation aligns perfectly with your user's needs and preferences.
When one source of inspiration isn't enough, let your users explore freely. Allow them to add as many sources of inspiration as they want, creating a truly personalized and enriching shopping experience.

Smart Shopper™

Use Smart Shopper™ Search to craft tailored category recommendations that inspire your users, helping them figure out exactly what they need for their special moments.
Generate tailored product recommendations for each category. Use Smart Shopper™ Recommendations to deliver suggestions that perfectly align with the user's unique tastes.

Vantage Vibe™

Allow users to discover products tailored just for them. Use Vantage Vibe™ to analyze uploaded images or social media posts (e.g., from Pinterest and Instagram) and deliver personalized and unique findings.
Use Vantage Vibe™ to craft curated style guides and allow users to specify their preferred aesthetic, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience every time.

Fuzzy Search

Ensure a seamless search experience by finding relevant results even when search terms are misspelled. Vantage APIs understand when typos are made and deliver what users are truly looking for.
Allow your users to find products using text that match a term closely instead of exactly, ensuring users easily find what they need every single time.

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