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Harness the power of generative AI to create semantic search, product discovery experiences, and personalized recommendations for your users.
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Intelligent and semantic search

Transform your search capabilities from keyword-based to natural language semantic search where your user's meaning, intent and context are understood and used to deliver exceptional experiences.

Boundless discovery possibilities

Create completely new and delightful discovery experiences for your users based on their interests, preferences, intent and your company goals.

Unique personalization capabilities

Deliver the most personalized and targeted results across millions of items in milliseconds utilizing a deep semantic understanding of the user's query and personal style.

Vantage Platform Capabilities

Deliver delightful user experiences with powerful features delivered by simple APIs.

Keyword Search & Filter

Search and filter items in your catalog using keywords

Natural Language Search

Search using a rich understanding of your user's intent

Semantic More-Like-This™

Similarity search based on the semantic meaning of a product

Visual More-Like-This™

Similarity search based the visual characteristics of a product

Semantic More-Like-These™

Similarity search based on the semantic meaning of a group of products

Visual More-Like-These™

Similarity search based on the visual characteristics of a group of products

Multi-Modal Search

Search using different methods - text and photo - in one UI

Vantage Vibe™

Recommendations based on your user's explicit style (e.g., Instagram, Pinterest)

Conversational Search Assistant

Help your user discover items with a personal AI shopping assistant


Tune search and recommendations to your user's engagement

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Recommend similar or complimentary products across categories

Smart Shopper™

Recommendations based on a user's preferences, tailored uniquely to them

Move from testing to production in minutes

Vantage Discovery's simple APIs give developers the superpowers they need to deliver exceptional search experiences  in 3 easy steps.
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Upload your content or product catalog

Upload your content or product catalog via the Vantage Console or API.
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Integrate your search bar with the Vantage API

Customize and integrate your search and retrieval preferences.
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Deliver delightful customer experiences

Effortlessly deploy new search and discovery experiences.

Light up your catalog with AI search and discovery today

Try Vantage Discovery and bridge the gap between your online presence and your real-world shopping experience.
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How semantic search brought Cooklist's catalog to life

How semantic search and discovery brought Cooklist’s catalog to life in unexpected ways and enabled astounding improvements in their customer experience.
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Why our customers love us?

Our mission is to power discovery experiences with advanced AI that make users feel understood and engaged - that mission is impossible without our customers.
[Competitor] results are seriously underperforming. Your demo produced far superior results in semantic, visual, and keyword searches.
Head of eCommerce
Luxury Retailer
100% recall with Vantage API's are a game-changing improvement. I also like that it gives me the optimal result set without blending.
SEO Engineer
Regional Retailer
[Competitor] said they're the only hybrid search company, but your deep filtering plus semantic understanding is way better than anything I've seen!
eCommerce Lead
Fast Growing Social Commerce
I didn't like [competitor's] bolt on hashing function that they sold as AI. Vantage API's also gave me a step-change improvement in relevance.
Leading Retailer
Wow! Using Vantage API's I don't even have to custom train my model. The results are good enough from the get-go.  
ML Engineer
eCommerce Company
I'm excited to hear you can support 100% recall. This is the number one metric that I care about. When can we get started?
Grocery Retailer